Some say the best part of Halloween is the free candy or the eye candy. I say the best part of Halloween is picking a new identity for the night. With the right boys Halloween costumes, any boy can go from mild mannered Clark Kent to Superman without so much as a set of barbells or some kryptonite. Finding the best bad ass Halloween costume is a yearly rite of passage that is open to every boy, young and old.

Being Badass Vs. Finding Badass

So what makes a Halloween costume badass? To be honest, at least part of it is your attitude. You could be dressed as the hind end of a donkey and still be the coolest guy in the room with the right attitude. Still, best not to handicap yourself too much right off the bat. That is why it is so important to really shop for the right costume. Ideally, you should do this at a dedicated store or online so that you have the most options. That way, you can avoid the obvious costumes and really dig in to find something crazy, cool, and unique.

Keep in Mind . . .

You should be looking for something that suggests that you can laugh at yourself along with everyone else in the room. Dressing up as a KISS member or Beetlejuice, for example, will get you much farther than dressing up as a sparkly Twilight Vampire. Whatever you choose, make sure you go all out and commit to the costume. A half assed Halloween costume will never be badass, after all. Consider specialized accessories like contact lenses that change the shape and color of your eyes or steampunk style gadgets to help create and foster the illusion of your costume. Finally, make sure that you play around and have fun with your costume choice. That’s the most badass way to pick a costume of all.

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